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1864 Baseball

Screencaps from the 1864 Baseball remote, just because they're fun. I'll try to get the requested caps done next week. :)

Also, don't hotlink, please. (Mod: could you put that in the user info? Thanks.)

Anyhoo, 57 caps. You don't need to give credit if you're going to use these, but a comment or thanks would be nice. :) Sorry for the blurriness on some of them. Enjoy!

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lol...nice caps. I might take some to make an icon out of the, "What ho? What is that demonry?" thing. Thanks :)
That's probably my favourite part of the whole sketch :D good improv on Conan's part!

Could I steal (with credit) said icon, if it is made? lol
Image hosted by

You rule the world :D
lol...I'm glad you like it :)
i love that! :p its so cute. ive probably watched that sketch 10 times.
thank you for being so awesome..i wish there were more people out there willing to help you post. but really, thanks a lot for being so awesome.
and i put the no hotlinking thing in the profile for ya.
:) Thanks, I'm really glad you appreciate it. I can handle it for now, seeing as there aren't a hoard of people coming and requesting.

And thank you. :)