Cari (clp71300) wrote in conancaps,

open posting access

hey guys, i changed the comm to open posting access, just because this way it'll be easy to keep everyone up to date with things. or something of the sort. maybe this way people will be more inclined to take it upon themselves to take someones request, without having to wait for posting access.

but the reason i dont necessarily like the idea is because ive seen so many "request" communities with pages upon pages of entries of people wanting things and never any posts with anyone filling those requests. and no one wants to read through a bunch of "i want blah balhlgbla and blahf and so on etc" entries. so let's still try and use the requesting caps entry by posting comments, so it doesnt get all crazy up in here. but if i start getting annoyed by too many/irrelevant posts then ill probably change it back.

and that is all, everyone have a lovely day.
and also, feel free to post any conan caps at all, not just by request.
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